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Welcome to Textpresso for Medicago! Textpresso is a package for indexing and searching biological literature. This site applies Textpresso to a collection of abstracts and titles which were indexed by PubMed as "medicago truncatula".

See the User Guide above for detailed instructions. Please use the Feedback page to report any irregularities or send mail to mtruncatula@jcvi.org.
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Selecting categories for a query makes a search more specific. For example, you can retrieve sentences that contain the word DMI1 and a Medicago gene name by typing the keyword "DMI1" and choosing the category "gene (all)". A category hit occurs when a particular word or phrase in the sentence is defined as a member of a particular category. Categories will be concatenated by a Boolean "and" operation to other categories and keyword(s) if present. To search for terms in categories, click on the Categories/Synonyms link above.

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Database Description
Currently, this site contains information about the following literatures and data types (data count in parenthesis):
medicago: abstract (3551), accession (3664), acknowledgments (1048), author (3529), body (120), citation (3664), conclusion (1870), discussion (2323), introduction (3537), journal (3664), materials (2942), references (1434), results (3043), title (3654), type (3655), year (3664)
Summary: abstract : 3551, accession : 3664, acknowledgments : 1048, author : 3529, body : 120, citation : 3664, conclusion : 1870, discussion : 2323, introduction : 3537, journal : 3664, materials : 2942, references : 1434, results : 3043, title : 3654, type : 3655, year : 3664
Total full-text papers in corpus: 3657

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