Medicago truncatula Genome Project

The Medicago truncatula sequencing project was initiated with a generous grant from Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation to the University of Oklahoma. Beginning in 2003 (and renewed in 2006), the National Science Foundation and the European Union's Sixth Framework Programme provided funding to complete sequencing of the euchromatic genespace. Among the eight chromosomes in Medicago, six were sequenced in the US by the NSF-funded projects, one (chromosome 5) was sequenced in France by Genoscope with funding from the EU and INRA, and one (chromosome 3) was sequenced in the United Kingdom with funding from the EU and BBSRC. [MORE]


Annotation Statistics Mt4.0v1

Type High Conf. Low Conf. Total Gene Models
Placed 30546 17792 48338 59578
Unplaced 1115 1441 2556 2741
Total 31661 19233 50894 62319

The purpose of Community Annotation is to leverage community expertise and enhance the overall quality of the annotation. Members of the community are invited to "adopt" their favorite gene family(ies) and will be able to view the gene predictions through a ...

Please visit our Downloads page for various genome assembly and annotation files.

    Genome Assembly: Mt4.0 chromosome and unplaced scaffold sequences.
    • Assembly FASTA
    • Optical Map XML files

    Genome Annotation: Gene predictions in FASTA and GFF3 formats.
    • Mt3.5 to Mt4.0 conversion table
    • Protein and CDS FASTA files
    • Gene and TE GFF3 files
    • Promoter FASTA files

Search the Medicago truncatula annotation database and obtain a report of the predicted coding region.

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